It’s all so agreeable

I’ve discovered something while editing The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath (I really need to find a shorter title or a snazzy acronym for it). For some reason, this time around, all my characters nod.

It’s like I’m writing about bobble heads.

It could be worse. They could all be quirking their eyebrows.


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3 responses to “It’s all so agreeable

  1. or they could all be dragging on cigarettes or sipping something. Mine are often eating hot wings and smoking, but they only seem to be smoking when they’re lying or are about to.

    One of the most interesting things to me about what characters do is that there’s a real degree to which it’s them, not us, doing them. you start to see them and know them and then even though it’s your brain behind it, you’re more journalist than author. And then you have to edit.

  2. In The Picture of Dorian Gray every ‘flung’ themselves into chairs. If there was a chair in the room, someone was flinging into it. It became the running joke in our bookclub. Every writer’s got a thing.

  3. amyaddison

    I like the title.

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