Here’s how the story ends

I’ve been a bad blogger but a good productive writer. The fourth (at least, I think it’s the fourth) draft of MacKenna (The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath) is done. I’ve asked a few victims volunteers to read it over.

So I was finishing up the last pages–literally, when Andrew stumbled from his bedroom to his computer in the dining/computer/whatever room. He wanted me to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Now, he’s quite capable of making his own small meals/snacks. He cooks on Scout camping trips, makes his own ramen and soup, and even wields a knife to cut up strawberries for us. He can spread peanut butter on some bread.

He insisted it would taste better if I made it.

And I told him that PB&J pretty much tastes the same no matter who makes it.

To which he said: “But, Mommy, you make yours with extra love.”

You gotta give the boy points for that.

I eventually finished editing.

He still made his own sandwich.


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4 responses to “Here’s how the story ends

  1. Too funny! But then, what son of a romance writer wouldn’t know the words to say to captivate (if not capture) a girl’s heart? You have some interesting years ahead of you…

  2. How come I’m never a victim?? HUH??


    Andrew is a card.

  3. Amy

    WAHOOO for finishing edits.

  4. I can just see the whooollllleeee thing. I think Andrew and C really do have lots in common, lol.

    Glad you got your editing done and stood firm on the pb&j.

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