Writer’s workout

Warm up: Pace around the house. Check phone for dial tone. Pace some more. Do deep knee bend to get water out of mini-fridge.

Aerobic phase: Phone rings. Heart rate doubles. 212 and New York flash across the Caller ID screen. Heart rate triples. Pick up phone. If you can still say hello, clearly you’re not panicking hard enough.

Weight training: Pick up pen. Take notes. Repeat repetitions for half an hour or so.

Cool down: Laugh. Go limp with relief. Place phone on cradle and hop on IM to chat with writing partner.

So, yeah, Darcy and I had our conference call this week with our editor (!!!) and agent (!!!) and it went very well. We have some edits (of course), but nothing huge. Our editor (!!!) discussed the concept they have for the cover (sounds totally adorable) and here’s an interesting tidbit:

It looks like we’ll publish with both our names on the cover and won’t need a combined pseudonym. How about that? So I guess Kyra’s pen name suggestion of “Charity and Darcy likes each other” is the one we’ll go with.

More or less.


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3 responses to “Writer’s workout

  1. darcy

    hahahaha. I think I’m still recovering from the “workout”. Charity and Darcy likes each other has such a nice ring to it, dontcha think?

  2. Amy

    Yay on the conference call. Now that you have the edits, you can get to work, right?

    I think it’s great that you don’t need a combined pseudonym.

  3. I’m so glad both names can go on the cover. I think that’s really important for so many reasons. YAAY!!!!

    Although Kyra’s pseudonym definitely had a nice ring…

    Congrats on the relative light edits, too!

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