Welcome to the jungle …

Last night we went to Andrew’s Jr. High (yes, our district has Jr. High, not middle school) orientation and open house. Guess how long we were there. No. Go on. Guess.

Three hours. Ach, Mein Gott, as Andrew would say (he’s practicing for German class).

Actually, though, it went really well. I was impressed with all his teachers and some seem simply stellar. I think teaching Jr. High (or middle school, if you insist) must be a special calling. Andrew mentioned after the school visit last spring that all the teachers were funny.

And they are! I think they must channel their inner stand-up comedian.

Andrew also noted that the ninth graders were “practically huge!”

And they are! They’re channeling their inner Hulks.

We visited each classroom, in order, for A days and B days (they have four classes a day, 88 minutes each, and switch between two schedules). As we sat in the Reading classroom, I told Andrew that this was a class I wanted to take.

The teacher had posters on the wall with things that said, Setting, and Point of View, and so on. They get to do a multimedia presentation on the genre of their choice. On our way out, Andrew asked if we should tell the teacher about my book. I said it was up to him. His school, he could decide whether he wanted people to know.

Andrew to teacher: My mom’s a published author.

(Yes, he said it just like that. Can you believe it?)

It was crowded and we had to get to the next classroom, but I gave the teacher a quick rundown of Geek Girl’s Guide status.

Teacher: I must have you in. Will you come in? The kids love this sort of thing. Let me write down your name. I’ll email you.

I said great. Three seconds later, I was all GAK!

Still, it’s a pretty neat opportunity.

Now, if I can just locate my inner stand-up comedian.


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6 responses to “Welcome to the jungle …

  1. Junior High kids are great. I worked with them for many years. Just let Kyra dress you that day and you’ll be fine. 😉

  2. Amy

    Our high school just went to an A/B schedule.

    ::head slap::

    I like Jr. High kids. When I taught in a K-8, my favorite kids were my 6-8 kids.

  3. Echoing everybody: Junior High kids are great! You’ll have a wonderful time.

  4. “My mom’s a published author.”

    He’s not proud or anything, is he?


  5. How cool is that!? All my oldest boys do is correct me – and they are 5!

  6. knew you’d make it! congrats.

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