Rubik’s Cube conundrum

So, we’re watching the Super Bowl halftime show (was it me, or was The Boss a bit winded, and dude, what’s with the soul patch, but I digress), when Kyra helpfully hands Andrew his Rubik’s Cube.

Kyra: Here you go, Andrew, I mixed it up for you.
Andrew (almost too stunned for words): Wha–? KyRA! How could you?
Kyra (innocently, but maybe not): I wanted to help you.
Andrew: Oh, NO! I have to give this kid at school a cookie every time just to solve it.

I had no idea a cookie was the going rate for the Rubik’s Cube solution, did you?


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3 responses to “Rubik’s Cube conundrum

  1. Hmmm… seems like high stakes to me.

    And yeah, the Boss was… great, but… old.

  2. Jenn

    I never get cookies when I have to fix Riley’s Rubik’s Cube! I had to actually move his out of Aislyn’s reach because she loves to mix it up & he gets SO upset.

  3. Amy

    I always just took the cube apart and then put it back together with the colors in the right place.

    A cookie would have been a lot less work.

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