With apologies to Neil Gaiman

So last night, we dashed into the library (on our way to Sports Authority, where we had to dash in to pick up new swim goggles for Andrew) and Kyra picked out the graphic novel version of Coraline.

She started reading in the car and was entranced. She stumbled along behind us and read while we navigated Sports Authority. She kept reading at home. Until she hit this panel:

Yeah, the mom with the creepy button eyes. Kyra immediately halted all reading activity. She made me check the other pages to see if creepy button-eyed mom is part of the story or simply an anomaly (okay, so she didn’t really use the word anomaly).

Verdict: She now wants to return the book to the library at the earliest possible moment, because even having it in the house is far, far too creepy.

I know what we’re doing on Saturday. And I have the feeling we won’t be checking out anything by Neil Gaiman. Apologies to Mr. Gaiman. Perhaps in a few years.

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One response to “With apologies to Neil Gaiman

  1. I’m with Kyra, those button eyes are exceptionally creepy.

    My SIL took my niece (her daughter) to see the Coraline movie, thinking it would be a cutesy movie for kids. They left the theater early and my niece still had nightmares for months!

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