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Weekend Boler Update

I’ve been a sporadic blogger, I know. Work has been insane. We’re in that phase where I end up leaning forward in my chair, squinting at the laptop screen, because that makes everything so much clearer. What little brainpower I have left, I’ve saved for the writing class I’m taking. And of course, the double secret probation hotdish project.

But! I haven’t done a Boler update for a bit. Bob has been working hard (or is that hardly working … no, it’s working hard). Here’s the snapshot of the interior before:

And after:

Mind you, this is not its final form. But it’s looking great, I think.Waiting for the primer:

After the primer:

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Paper or Plastic

The Boler has a new “home” under a respectable looking tarp thingy.

Primed and ready for painting, and so is Miss B.

Andrew puts together Bob’s early father’s day gift.

An almost eleven year old and power tools. Yeah. I know. Actually, Andrew did a good job and Bob was there the whole time. It was one of those father/son pass along the knowledge to the next generation types of things. I think Hallmark came by and took a picture.

I took the kids to the store. All I can say is four year old + vanilla bean blended crème + Barnes and Noble = Disaster. Don’t ask.

Then, while we were leaving the grocery store, Andrew asked me: “Why do people do that?”
“What?” I wanted to know.
“Say ‘Either’s fine,’ when they ask paper or plastic. They asked you a specific question. “Either’s fine” isn’t one of the options.”

So, next time you’re tempted to respond with: “Either’s fine,” remember that somewhere you’re irking an almost eleven-year-old boy.

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Boler-ed over

Meet the new family project:

Covered with tarps not for its grand unveiling, but to protect against possible rain. Because the door and windows? Those are in the garage.

It’s a Boler! An egg! It’s a fiberglass camping trailer, and yes, we know, it needs a lot of work.

The dining area (it does have a table that needs serious help) that converts into the adult sleeping area.

Kyra is quite excited. She spent a good part of the afternoon washing the floor and various pieces of the camper (we need to sand and repaint everything), while singing, “We’re living in an egg, we’re living in an egg,” until her brother went a little crazy. We’re thinking of a bright blue base, with matching blue on the fiberglass pieces on the inside.

The opposite side of the camper. This, in theory, is a couch by day and bunk beds by night.

Andrew lost a bit of his enthusiasm when he realized that renovations would take more than washing the pieces, putting them back in, and tossing in the fishing poles. He perked up, though, at the mention of sleepovers in the camper.

So. There you have it. What we did this weekend. With a little luck, I’ll be able to post progress pictures over the next few months.

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