(Love) Stories for 2020

A new story–for free–every Friday

Because I think we could all use some love, compassion, and kindness in 2020.

It’s official! The last story is up on the blog, 2020 is almost over, and so is the (Love) Stories for 2020 Project.

The stories will remain here on my blog to read for free.

If you like, you can also get them to go for your e-reader (and in print as well).

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For December, it’s stories about helpers, magical and otherwise

12/25: Heart of a Pirate King

12/18: Flowers & Stones

12/11: Inside Out

12/4: Simon the Cold


For November,  it’s stories of saying goodbye, letting things go, and endings that bring about new beginnings.

11/6: Aleag the Great

11/13: Valentina

11/20: The Maze

11/27: Heart Whisper


For October, it’s ghosts and witches and things that go bump in the night.

10/30: The Mad Scientist Next Door

10/23: The Ghost Must Go On

10/16: Abandonment Issues

10/9: With Hair of Teeth and Claw

10/2: Ghost in the Coffee Machine


For September, it’s stories about dragons and trolls (although not necessarily at the same time).

9/25: Dragon’s End

9/18: The Miller’s Daughter

9/11: The Troll in IT

9/4: Fire and Ivy


For August, it’s stories about battles, real and imagined, and which ones are worth fighting.

8/28: Letters of Smoke and Ash

8/21: The Saint of Bright Red Things

8/14: Midnight at the Hades Underground

8/7: Land of the Free (Haircuts)


For July, I offered up a serial story. You can read a segment at a time or download the ebook from BookFunnel (link good until the end of 2020).

In a Manner of Speaking:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


June is all about paths and predicaments, of finding your way out or back home again.

6/26: The Way Home

6/19: Like Bread Loves Salt

6/12: Straying from the Path

6/5: Knight at the Royal Arms


May is all about odds and ends, those strange little stories that sometimes pop into my head.

5/29: Chicken Fat and Whipped Cream

5/22: The Life Expectancy of FireFlies

5/15: The Short Sweet Life of My Invisible Prom Date

5/8: What Little Remains

5/1: The Potato Bug War


April is all about fairy tale retellings.

4/24: Cheating Death

4/17: A Most Marvelous Pair of Boots

4/10: The Secret Life of Sleeping Beauty

4/3: Crying Wolf


For March, it’s all about strange and surprising connections, unexpected friendships and traditions.

3/27: A Measure of Sorrow

3/20: Insidious Beasts

3/13: The Girl with the Piccolo

3/6: Keeping Time


It’s all about love this month–romantic love, star-crossed love, a bit of unrequited love.

2/28: The Goblin and the Pixie

2/21: The Burden of So Many Roses

2/14: Steadfast

2/7: Incriminating Evidence


January’s stories are a mix of sibling love, surprising friendships, and cautionary tales of workplace romances.

1/3: Gretel and Hansel

1/10: Lucky

1/17: Dragon’s Bane

1/24: Rules for Visiting Hades

1/31: Moving Day