(Love) Stories for 2020

A new story–for free–every Friday

Because I think we could all use some love, compassion, and kindness in 2020.


For October, it’s ghosts and witches and things that go bump in the night.

10/23: The Ghost Must Go On

10/16: Abandonment Issues

10/9: With Hair of Teeth and Claw

10/2: Ghost in the Coffee Machine


For September, it’s stories about dragons and trolls (although not necessarily at the same time).

9/25: Dragon’s End

9/18: The Miller’s Daughter

9/11: The Troll in IT

9/4: Fire and Ivy


For August, it’s stories about battles, real and imagined, and which ones are worth fighting.

8/28: Letters of Smoke and Ash

8/21: The Saint of Bright Red Things

8/14: Midnight at the Hades Underground

8/7: Land of the Free (Haircuts)


For July, I offered up a serial story. You can read a segment at a time or download the ebook from BookFunnel (link good until the end of 2020).

In a Manner of Speaking:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


June is all about paths and predicaments, of finding your way out or back home again.

6/26: The Way Home

6/19: Like Bread Loves Salt

6/12: Straying from the Path

6/5: Knight at the Royal Arms


May is all about odds and ends, those strange little stories that sometimes pop into my head.

5/29: Chicken Fat and Whipped Cream

5/22: The Life Expectancy of FireFlies

5/15: The Short Sweet Life of My Invisible Prom Date

5/8: What Little Remains

5/1: The Potato Bug War


April is all about fairy tale retellings.

4/24: Cheating Death

4/17: A Most Marvelous Pair of Boots

4/10: The Secret Life of Sleeping Beauty

4/3: Crying Wolf


For March, it’s all about strange and surprising connections, unexpected friendships and traditions.

3/27: A Measure of Sorrow

3/20: Insidious Beasts

3/13: The Girl with the Piccolo

3/6: Keeping Time


It’s all about love this month–romantic love, star-crossed love, a bit of unrequited love.

2/28: The Goblin and the Pixie

2/21: The Burden of So Many Roses

2/14: Steadfast

2/7: Incriminating Evidence


January’s stories are a mix of sibling love, surprising friendships, and cautionary tales of workplace romances.

1/3: Gretel and Hansel

1/10: Lucky

1/17: Dragon’s Bane

1/24: Rules for Visiting Hades

1/31: Moving Day