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Tuesday Night Lights

As the web site for Andrew’s football league likes to remind me:

The Season is on!!!

This fact needs to be emphasized with three exclamation points.


So, as you can see, the season is on. (!!!) Sadly, the season isn’t always as sunny like in this picture. Last night, Andrew’s team played on the high school field. The thing about playing on the high school field (astroturf) is, as long as there isn’t any lightning, they can still play in rain.

Or torrential downpour.

Boys = soaked
Miss B. = soaked
Mom = soaked

Ah, but they won, 19 to 0, and Andrew recovered a fumble that led a to a touchdown two plays later. Kyra and I did about a mile’s worth of walking around the track before the game, and she danced in the rain during.

When we got home, everyone pulled on warm pajamas. We had a second hot hot dinner. Andrew started some homework. Five minutes later, he called out, “Mommy, Kyra’s asleep.”

She was, head down on the dining table. Mr. Gallant even carried her to her room. Not much later, Tuesday night lights were out … for all of us.


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