Love songs, safety rules, and the Manwich

 Thank you for all the twoo wuv song suggestions. All of them considered, most of them serious contenders for Landon’s playlist. I’m sure iTunes has some sort of love song essential list as well, so I’ll waste time do research there. And M, you’re right: you’re a touch more country than Landon, but man, Hopelessly Devoted? So perfect.

And I’ll be requesting even more musical help (bet you can’t wait), but not right away.

In other news, last night, Kyra wanted help spelling something on a picture she’d drawn. I was cooking dinner at the time, assuming one can define cooking as: browning ground beef and adding Manwich sauce. Hey, the ConAgra site (the fine people who bring you this product) says it’s is a quick and easy one-pan meal the whole family loves. It’s not just a sandwich, it’s a meal.

Anyway, back to the drawing. I took a quick glance at it (due to stove, hot grease, and so on). A triangle, lots of red. What was it Miss B wanted me to spell?

No going by volcanoes.

Clearly a cautionary drawing. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

And hey, she’d already written no. But by far her favorite thing to write is this:

I love u

We have paper after paper covered with those words. I find them all over the house. Love notes from Miss B.


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3 responses to “Love songs, safety rules, and the Manwich

  1. Abby

    That is great that Kyra is writing already. The next time she needs help spelling, tell her to ‘write what she hears’.
    I don’t know how they teach writing at her school, but at my school, we accept ‘phonetic spelling’ during Kindergarten because we only teach Kindergarten the consonant sounds, and the short/long vowel sounds.

  2. How completely sweet. Save those notes!

  3. How precious. As Jen said, “save those notes”.

    At our house Manwich USED to spell meal–but it didn’t take long before they began demanding fries as a minimum addition LOL.

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