Tattoo you

So, we’re running around, putting dinner on the table, getting homework done, looking at the child of the day stuff Kyra brought home that must go back tomorrow, or else, and we leave for the Boy Scout court of honor in about forty five minutes.

Kyra comes up to me and asks if she can put on one of her temporary tattoos. I say, sure, and because she’s self-sufficient (at least when it comes to temporary tattoos), off she goes. I thought nothing of it. She’s wearing a princess one (big surprise) on her forearm right now.

 A minute later, she emerges from the bathroom, damp wash cloth pressed to her cheek. Yes, that’s right, she decided to apply the temporary tattoo to her face. Right before the court of honor.

I forestall the crumpling to the floor and sobbing by laughing.


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4 responses to “Tattoo you

  1. A princess tattoo? Maybe she assumed royalty would be welcome at an honor court.

    Laughing is always better than crying.

  2. Let this be a lesson for later in life… when she asks for something you need to be SPECIFIC.


    And, I agree with Anno… laughing is good.

  3. darcy

    Ahahahahahahahhaha. Gotta love that girl.

  4. I’ll bet she was the belle of the ball. Or is that the Belle of the ball? LOL.

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