Booking Through Thursday: Format

Booking through Thursday this week:

All other things (like price and storage space) being equal, given a choice in a perfect world, would you rather have paperbacks in your library? Or hardcovers? And why?

I was surfing around some of the responses and was delighted to discover I’m not the only one who likes trade paperback. I like the size. Mass market feels claustrophobic to me and hardcovers are heavy.

And since we’re in recovery mode from The Jonas Brothers concert last night, that’s about all I have to say on the great hardcover/trade/mass market debate.


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5 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Format

  1. haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one too.
    btw – love your blog image at the top!

  2. How are the eardrums?

    And… I’m starting to think I’m deeply in the minority for liking mass market!!

  3. I like trades too but I’ll take anything. Hope you had fun!

  4. Were you able to get earplugs beforehand?

    I actively dislike hardcovers. As for trade vs. mass market paperbacks, it really doesn’t matter… as long as they contain all the words!

  5. I’d echo Anno. I just don’t like hardcovers because they’re harder to snuggle with in bed.

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