I’m a little bit country

You’re Ecuador!
It’s been said that you’re worth your weight in gold. But maybe you’re just worth the wait. In any case, you have some friends who’ve been waiting for you longer than any human would find to be reasonable. At least you get them to sometimes come out of their shell. Much has been made of your most inaccessible traits, and there are those who feel they could learn about the whole world from these. You could never quite get over your distaste for lima beans.

Take the Country Quiz II
at the Blue Pyramid

Except we love lima beans around here. They’re called “wish beans,” because if you happen upon one in your mixed veggies (not wedgies), you get to make a wish. It’s supposed to come true, too.


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2 responses to “I’m a little bit country

  1. Very clever way to get your kids to eat their beans… wish I’d thought of that one earlier.

    Ecuador, hmmm…. Great source of excellent chocolate, too. I’m gonna have to try this quiz myself…

  2. LIMA BEANS??? blech, blech, blech…. one of the only veggies I won’t eat and just the thought of them makes me want to wash my mouth out.

    But, I will take you quiz for tomorrow’s blog.

    BTW… still waiting…. 😀

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