Only a writer would think this

So yesterday, thanks to rain and traffic, I ran out of audio book during my commute. I was, tragically, reduced to listening to drive-time radio. You know something’s out of whack when you voluntarily channel surf to Radio Disney because, you know, they might be playing something better.

And is it possible for a station to play a block of Tom Petty songs and NOT include Free Fallin’?

I didn’t think so. That song always makes me think of the movie Jerry McGuire (“You had me at hello.”), which makes me think of Tom Cruise. Then I think of Tom Cruise jumping all over Oprah’s couch like a maniac, like a crazy person, enthusiastically. 

But I digress. One station is sponsoring a “50K every workday” contest. So, did I hear this and think:

“Wow. 50,000 dollars. That’s a lot of money.”

No. I did not. Sad to say, the first thought that crossed my mind was:

“Wha–? They’re giving away 50,000 words?”

I’m not making this up. Besides, they could give away 50,000 words. After all, there are all those NaNoWriMo novels out there.


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7 responses to “Only a writer would think this

  1. Um… Okay… so, I have to admit I thought the same thing. Actually, it was along the lines of: they’re challenging their listeners to collaborate and create 50,000 words every day? Cool!

    And then I read the rest of your post about $$ and realized it wasn’t words. I was oddly disappointed.

  2. Karin Collins

    Program your radio for such an emergency to:
    1. 91.1 FM MPR news & talk

  3. Karin Collins

    2. 89.3 FM The Currant Urban music, talk

    3. 99.5 Classical music

    NO commercials on any of these stations.

  4. Okay… I think you need a break. Date night with Bob, or a trip to see your Mom or sis or SOMETHING. 😉

  5. amyaddison

    LOL! That is too funny…::sheepishly admits:: it was my first thought, too!

    And yes, I’ve been known to turn on Radio Disney because I’ve got a significantly better chance of not hearing garbage over there than on some of the other local stations.

  6. Okay, words was my first thought, too!!

  7. Oh, you’re right… only a writer would come up with this!

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