Watch this space

Three out of the four of us have spring colds. Miss B is the lucky one, currently virus-free.

In other–and more exciting–new. The “Mom & Me” watches Kyra and I sent away for arrived. Although, honestly, I think she had more fun eating the Rice Krispies and contemplating the arrival of the “Mom & Me” watches. Of course, she would eat Rice Krispies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I let her (she asked for them tonight).

Now, these watches looked cool on the box, and according to the the marketing claim, our lives wouldn’t be complete without them:

  • Now… You and Mom can always be in sync!
  • Set of super hip, sporty watches – includes one adult size and one kid size
  • Choice of a fabulous Barbie style or totally cool Hot Wheels design
  • Made of thermoplastic rubber

Wow. I’m all over that thermoplastic rubber. Clearly we opted for the fabulous Barbie style. Although based on the actual product, I imagine there are only about three “Mom & Me” pairings out there who can wear their watches. Ours?

Much. Too. Large. But then Miss B and I have thin wrists. (No fun for doing pushups. I never could fatten them up–the wrists, not the pushups.) But considering that she’s sitting on my lap while I write this (thin wrists, but long arms), I guess we’re in sync.


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3 responses to “Watch this space

  1. Amy

    LOL on the large wristwatches. Is the size a sign that a majority of children are overweight and the mfg was trying to compensate?

    🙂 on Miss B eating Rice Crispies morning, noon, night if allowed…I have one of those, too. Only it’s cheese and grapes—do you know what an overconsumption of grapes does to a 9 year old’s bowels? It’s not pretty.

  2. Could you wear them as really, really over-sized earrings? I hope you’re all feeling better soon!

  3. Jen, LOL on the earrings!!!

    I suppose you could wear Kyra’s… and she could wear yours as a belt?

    Sorry everyone is under the weather.

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