2008 maiden voyage

So, we took the canoe out today. Or more accurately, Bob and Andrew took the canoe out. Kyra and I acted as support (really, not as much fun as going down the rapids backwards, but more on that later).

First, if you’re taking the canoe out, you have to clean it.

We drove up to the headwaters of Minnehaha Creek, which sounds exotic, but is only a few miles away. We launched the boys, then Kyra and drove back to wait for them.

Kyra with Lake Minnetonka in the background.

Canoeing is no laughing matter. It is serious business.

The launch. Let’s wish them luck.

Not even an ice cream from Dairy Queen can compensate for being left behind.

The mighty return.

It was at this point where they decided to go further and it was just after this point they nearly met their match with the rapids. I’m sure raising their paddles in the air had nothing to do with it. There were rocks, spinning around, and going down the rapids backwards. Discovery: Our canoe is more of a lake canoe.

Second discovery: Going down the rapids backwards = bragging rights.


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2 responses to “2008 maiden voyage

  1. Jenn

    Kyra’s a little beauty.
    I have only ever been in a canoe on a lake and I think it will stay that way, haha.

  2. Amy

    LOL on the Bragging Rights. Isn’t that the point when you’re a boy?

    Kyra is darling!

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