What a difference a word makes

So it’s entirely possible I shouldn’t blog, since I saw the headline about Russia attacking Georgia and misread it as Russia attacking Germany. Now there’s a world event I didn’t see coming. I had a full-fledged 80s flashback to when I used to brief the intelligence portion of the V Corps general defense plan along with everyone’s favorite two words: Fulda Gap.

Anyway, like I said: I’m probably too tired to blog. (And possibly Fulda Gap are just two of my favorite words.)

I’m sure everyone is expecting all sorts of insights from my time at the conference. Or not. There were a lot of good workshops and Bill Stephens Productions will be offering some (or maybe all of the recorded sessions, although not all were recorded) for individual download on the web. The RWA National site has a PDF with all the recorded sessions, so you can browse and get your iPod ready.

Where was I? Oh, yes, insights. Did you ever know something only to have someone else put it into words for you?

During Dr. Eric Maisel’s session on Creativity for Life, he talked about “loving” the work (meaning writing). Someone later on asked about the love part–what do you do when you’re in full-on hate mode with your current project.

Dr. Maisel clarified what he meant. It isn’t discipline that brings us to the page when we hate everything we’ve written since 1997. It’s devotion.

One little word switch and I had a light bulb moment. Of course. For years, people have commented on my discipline with writing. I’ve always hemmed and hawed and tried well, no it’s not really discipline … but I didn’t have a word for what it was.

Or to put it in middle school terms: I always like writing, even when I don’t like like writing.


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6 responses to “What a difference a word makes

  1. You know, your last words are funny, because they are almost to a tee what two of my high school students said to me (separately) in e-mails at the beginning of the summer.

  2. Wow, the last reference to Fulda Gap I can recall had to be one of Tom Clancy’s early 90s Jack Ryan novels. It’s been a long time for sure.

  3. Amy

    I had just such an ah-ha! moment in the Gail Blanke PAN Keynote.

    Now I wish I could have stayed for the entire Maisel workshops….ah, well. My CDs should be here mid-September and I can listen to the whole thing then. Wasn’t he a great speaker?

  4. Russia attacked GEORGIA??? I hope Judy’s okay.



    Not Georgia, USA.


  5. oh

    Love the light bulb moment – I had a glimmer reading your line. Good. That lets me go on today with this “thing” I’m working on that doesn’t even have a home yet much less a deadline. Thanks for the just-right worded entry!

  6. But of course. Now that you’ve put the right word to it, it all makes perfect sense. Thanks!

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