The science class on our window

She’s been on the back porch window since last night. Thanks to the Internet, we know she’s a common garden spider and not aggressive or dangerous. And today, she had lunch when we did. Kyra called her beautiful and decided to name her Caitlin.


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4 responses to “The science class on our window

  1. OH COOL!!! We had one a couple years ago exactly the same. She’ll stay there until she lays her egg sac if you don’t mess with her. She eats her web daily and reweaves it.

    And, once she lays her egg sac, just like Charlotte… she dies.


    But, it’s still very cool. I have spider envy.

  2. Amy

    ::faints dead away::

  3. I’m so glad you found that. We had a HUGE one of those and I couldn’t ID it, so I was kind of worried. She got eaten, though, by a larger predator.

  4. Unfortunately here in the desert many of the ‘critters’ that our kids might pick up are poisonous. We found a large Black Widow outside our backdoor last night.

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