My kids, they kick

We took the plunge this week and signed up for karate–all of us. Well, three of us so far (we may have to drag Bob to class kicking and screaming, but we’ll get him there).

Andrew took some karate when he was five or so. We stopped for various reasons (the school closed, he started other activities, and so on). But recently, he’s wanted to get back into it. Kyra’s wanted to try it. And–little known fact–I took tae kwon do for about four years when I was in college.

So today we all earned our white belts. Kyra was so excited she was quivering. But wow. I haven’t done so many round kicks in … twenty years. (Gah. Yes. I did the math on that one then immediately wished I hadn’t.)

Our instructor says that for me and Andrew it might actually be harder initially because of muscle memory. We know how to do the moves with precision and power and wear ourselves out faster.

Uh, yeah. He’s right. At least in my case.

In non-kicking news, Andrew got an A- on his paper (a comma splice, a few misspellings–it runs in the family). But the teacher’s comment was:

You have a great writing voice!

Sniff. I’m so proud.


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4 responses to “My kids, they kick

  1. Jenn

    Karate sounds like fun. I tried to talk Monkey into it this year but he wasn’t interested.

    Yay Andrew!

  2. I want to put DD and I into Karate, but OY the cost is incredible… we might have to stop eating or heating the house.

    HEY … voice is the hard part. Go Andrew! 😀

    • Charity

      Some places are expensive, depending on the school/program. Having worked in a studio before, I know they can arrange flexible pricing. We did all the time. 😉 You might check again because with the economy the way it is, they might be running a special to get more customers. I’ve noticed a lot of different schools around here (dance, swim, etc.) are doing that.

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