No one eats until the frog eats

Frog on bough

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So yesterday, Andrew and I went to see To Kill a Mockingbird at the Park Square Theatre with my mom. It was excellent. We enjoyed it very much, and Andrew and I had a good talk about the themes in the play on the way home. Plus! Bought new shoes.

The second we walk into the house, Kyra calls out, “Mommy! Andrew! Come look! We have a frog!”

(Why am I continuously surprised that things find their way into our house when Bob and Kyra are unsupervised? I shouldn’t be. And yet, I am.)

They went to the pet store and added some new tetras to the tank. Well, the tank needed some new tetras (all our other ones have slowly died off, and the danios are kind of lonely). But they also bought a frog, which can live in there as well.

However, since it eats bloodworms, we have to take it out of the tank to feed it. Fortunately, we only need to do this once a week. So, now, my Outlook has the recurring task of “Feed the frog” for every Friday.

The frog is named Matilda.

I think the new rule for Friday will have to be: No one eats until the frog eats.

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