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Words of encouragement

I hope to post a recap of the MEMO conference in the next few days. Short review: It was fun! I had a blast and sold some books.

Here’s the note Kyra wrote to me before I left:

From: Kyra
To: Mom

Make sure to not tuck in your shirt and don’t forget to look your best. I hope you have a good time there. Love, Kyra and don’t forgot again to love and miss me. I will love and miss you too. Love, Kyra and I will love you back and do not and I mean do not forget about me.

I failed on one account. Sadly, I did tuck in my shirt.

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Our next book

At long last, the plot for our next book, as provided by my seven-year-old daughter (AKA the marvelous Miss B). Here’s the premise:

A girl has four (!) boyfriends:

  • Two strong ones (by which I think she means jocks/athletes)
  • Two nerd ones (self-explanatory)

The title for this magnum opus?

Boy Trouble

Yes, I think that (almost) goes without saying.

But seriously, this thing is going to write itself. Write. Itself.

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They might want to rethink that

What Andrew and Kyra were singing this morning:

Tis the season to be naughty …

They may want to rethink that.


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My kids, they write

Our school district recently changed their curriculum to place more emphasis on writing. This is one of those changes that has been a very good thing.

Andrew has always disliked having to write things like essays and reports. And honestly? I’ve never liked it either. Worse, when you’re a writer, people sometimes expect help with that sort of thing. The conventional wisdom being: Dude, you’re a writer, why can’t you write a scholarship application essay/grant application/whatever.

Well, for the same reason that if I didn’t write installation instructions five days a week, I wouldn’t be very good at that.

Anyway, I’ve seen a huge turnaround in Andrew’s writing in the last year. And they have designated free writing times for the younger grades as well. They do learn proper spelling, punctuation, and so on, but for free writing they’re encourage to sound things out of their own and keep going.

I’ve been amazed at their progress.

Here’s a “journal” entry that Kyra wrote. I cleaned up the spelling, but I feel compelled to add that she got all the apostrophes correct.

I’m a little girl. It’s close to Halloween. I’m going to get a costume that’s a devil. It’s going to be fun.

Kyra would like everyone to know that she’s going to be a good devil.

Here’s part of an essay that Andrew wrote, the goal being to write about yourself in the third person:

Andrew is so messy you cannot see the floor of his room because it is covered in stuff, mostly books and junk. Unless the floor is clean and the mess is really holograms. But what is the point to go through all that trouble. Unless he does that so when his mom or dad asks him to clean his room, he turns off the projection of the holograms, and then gets a raise in his allowance. I guess that theory does not work because sometimes when he cleans it, it actually gets messier. IT ACTUALLY GETS MESSIER.

I’m hoping his English teacher doesn’t ding him for the use of all caps.

As you probably guessed, I’m psyched that both of them are writing. Whether they become writers is neither here nor there. I think being able to express themselves in writing will server them well.


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Your quotes for the day

Last night, Andrew glanced up from reading and announced:

Man, I’m reading the crap out of this book!

Yes, we’re all about literacy in the Tahmaseb household. Clearly.

This morning, while walking Miss B into school, she asked why I was wearing my pink Converse shoes.

Me: Because they go with the pink stripe in my shirt. Do I have fashion sense?
Her: Well … maybe.

We’re all about fashion, too.


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Today’s lesson in evocative imagery

Andrew to me: What do you call the little punching bag that hangs at the back of your throat?


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The wonderful world of words

I was doing various chores/writing/whatever yesterday and Miss B was playing some quiet game. It was just the two of us at home and we were quite content. Then, I heard a laugh and she called out:

Mommy, come see how high this dude is!

My first reaction to this was: Wha–? since more than one definition for that word ran through my head. It seemed that I really needed to check out this dude.

The dude in questioned turned out to be a little Snoopy doll she had poised at the tip-top of a stuff animal clubhouse made of pillows. So, yeah. He was up there pretty high. You might even say he was high.

Sometimes, context is everything.

While I cleaning/clearing things yesterday, I came across a paper Kyra wrote that illustrates the writing lesson of sometimes it’s the word you leave out that’s important (corrected for spelling):

I wish that I lived in a castle because I am a pirate princess but I live in a nice house. I have a nice bed and nice stuff and a brother.

Poor Andrew. He always gets the short end of things, doesn’t he.


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Invisible friends

The other evening, I was booting down the computer when Kyra said, “Goodnight, Darcy!”

I said, “You know Darcy doesn’t really live in my computer, right?”

Kyra didn’t answer.


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