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The a-musing side of revision

I found this over at Marianne’s this morning:

Your Inner Muse is Melpomene

You are most like this muse of tragedy.While you aren’t depressed, you don’t shy away from sadness.
Although you do tend to be gloomy, you have a sensitive side.And this sensitive side helps inspire and help others.

What Muse Are You?

I’m gloomy. Nice. Real nice. Although the whole muse thing is appropriate, since we have a running muse joke in Geek Girl’s Guide.

Here are some things I did this week, all in the name of revision.

  • Looked into Krispy Kremes. Did you know they now have multigrain Krispy Kremes. Cuz you know, when I’m reaching for a Krispy Kreme, I’m thinking heart healthy.

  • Couldn’t remember how to spell L-tryptophan, so I Googled sleepy turkey chemical.

  • Looked up The Art of War and Sun Tzu.

  • Looked up Lara Croft and Tomb Raider (although this reference I may cut).

  • Sent Darcy lolcat inspired notes such as: IM in yr scene, makin’ changes.

Because we needed a visual:



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