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Overhead: the backseat

After much tearing of trading card wrapper:

Kyra: Oh! So beautiful! Mama loves you!

Insert big wet kissing sound.

What, you may ask, can inspire such devotion? I give you Brisi, from Bella Sara:


Bella Sara = My Little Pony on steroids

Overheard: Perkins

Customer: Could we get some cutlery?
Waitress: What?
Customer: Cutlery.
Waitress (shaking head): What?
Customer (mimicking cutting with knife and fork): Cutlery. 
Waitress: Oh! You want silverware.

Waitress (returning a few moments later): Here you go. What was that word again?
Customer: Cutlery.
Waitress: I’ve never heard anyone use that word around here before.
Customer: Oh, we’re from Canada.
Waitress: Well, that probably explains it.

Moral: Watch out for those linguistically tricky Canadians.


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