Tales from the inbox

So, I finished judging a bunch of contest entries right at the moment Darcy sent me the revised version of Geek Girl’s Guide (breathe, breathe, no pressure) for my turn to edit. And I do mean, right at that exact moment. It was like we synchronized our atomic watches.

Because I’m all about making the most productive use of my time, I turned immediately to cleaning out my overflowing inbox. I found subject lines such as:

  • Whoa
  • Yawn
  • Word

These are all from Darcy. In one email, I respond to her with:

I don’t really have a jones for the industrial revolution.

But then, who does?

We also chatted on topics such as:

  • The Six Million Dollar YA
  • The Art of War

No Borg. Odd, that.

So this coming week, I’ll be playing my part in the collaboration and using my Borg skills to edit (I’m not sure if we’ve decided who’s 7 and who’s 9).

Now all I have to do is remember to breathe.

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One response to “Tales from the inbox

  1. That breathing thing is important. And my inbox is far less interesting. Everyone keeps wanting to enlarge my penis, but I usually toss those…

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