It’s all about me

 Jen was kind enough to think up some interview questions for me … and here I’ve been, sitting on them for ages. And sitting on interview questions isn’t all that comfortable or ergonomic. I recommend a chair. Okay, without further ado, my interview with … me.

1.     What has been the single most exciting thing since getting your agent?

Seriously? Every time I see her pop up in email, my heart kick starts. So the excitement = nonstop. In all honesty, while I know you got to write for yourself, do it because you love it, blah, blah, blah, I’d be lying if I said some industry validation didn’t matter. Even if none of this works out, it’s nice to believe I’m on the right track with this writing thing.

2.     What is a typical weekend like in terms of balancing the kids and the writing around your house?

Well, the last couple weekends haven’t been all that typical. Between line edits and pushing to get all of MacKenna into first person, and other crazy stuff, I’ve spent way more time on the computer than normal. Usually, I squeeze writing in when I can–early in the morning, when there’s a lull in the chaos, and so on.

3.     When are your best times of day to write and why?

Well, my worst time is the evening, when I’m tired, but I’ve written then. I’m a morning person, but I probably write more in the afternoon. I muse, and stew, and turn things over in my mind a lot. I guess I need to be awake for a couple of hours before things start working in my brain.

4.     What has been the most fun you’ve ever had as a writer?

I have a couple that qualify, and I can’t pick just one, so you get both.

I love the times when it feels like everything is working. Call it what you like, in the zone, inspired, whatever. And sure, if you’re even a tiny bit self aware, you know not everything is truly working. But the writing feels great; you don’t want to stop. If you exercise/run a lot, it’s similar to that endorphin high.

The other is working with Darcy. I remember the precise moment I knew we had something, when I read the master debater line and nearly fell out of my chair. I really love how Geek Girl’s Guide isn’t my story, and it isn’t hers, but Bethany’s. Something wonderful and magical happened. I even enjoyed the revisions and line edits. (Although, I’m not sure how Darcy felt about them. D? Have you recovered from me yet?)


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2 responses to “It’s all about me

  1. Thanks for playing, Charity! It was interesting to get your insights to all of this.

    And my GH entry is IN the mail! Yeeeeehaaaaa!!!!

    And thanks AGAIN for your help.

  2. darcy

    Things I Have Not Recovered From:

    Aunts, cousins, cars, buses, shopping malls, football games, crowds (in general), pie.

    Things I Have Most Certainly Recovered From:

    Writing with Charity. In fact, I wish one of us would hurry up and write another GGG, just so I could do it all over again.

    And Jen/Mi — Best of luck with the GH!

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