Writing update

Not that you’re interested. Feel free to skip this post.

Today, I finished the second draft, also known as the first person conversion of MacKenna’s story (The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath). Somewhere along the way, I added ~22,000 words and I’m now looking at 81,000 for the total word count. I’m really not sure how I did that.

Then, I revamped the synopsis to The Geek Girl’s Guide. I. Was. Dreading. This. Turns out, for no reason. I wrote a new lead into the synopsis, deleted the old, added a few lines here, delete a few there, and voilà: new synopsis.

So, I’m off the edit a partial. At some point, I’ll look at another synopsis (this will be, obviously, some point soon, I’m keeping it vague so I can fool myself into thinking it’s not that soon).

Then, I toss everything in the mail and forget about it. Which, after so much work, is a strange way for it all to end.


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5 responses to “Writing update

  1. You added 22,000 words?!? Holy cow…

    Are these going to the GH?

  2. Jenn

    I can’t even write 22,000 words to begin with, forgetting adding that many in later!

  3. Um, busy much? GREAT progress, Charity. You GO, Girl!

  4. Whoa! Excellent progress!

  5. I am impressed. Of course, your out-put always impresses me. Do we get to read any of this in mm? Just a little bit, eh?

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