It’s the first day!

Kyra is very excited about the first day of December. While we shopped for Thanksgiving dinner, she picked out an Advent calendar, and I explained that we couldn’t start opening the little windows until the first day of December. Apparently, she’s been waiting ever since.

Plus! It’s snowing! Real snow, real, let’s stay inside, or bundle up the kids and send them outside, but we’ll watch them through the window kind of snow. We’ve already trekked through it once to ballet. Now, I’m wondering about the whole Chuck E. Cheese party. Is it bad enough we stay home? Do we brave the weather and venture out? We’re supposed to get six to ten inches.

I woke up this morning and it was so strange not to sit at the computer and start in on some sort of manuscript. I got nothing–at least at the moment. The plan is to take a month break from MacKenna, then I’ll work up a third draft. Then, maybe I can convince a few victims beta readers to review it.

Until then, I’m going to read: a lot. I have The Virginia Woolf Writers’ Workshop, Seven Lessons to Inspire Great Writing (we can only hope, no?), and of course, the holidays. I’m taking Kyra to the Nutcracker this year (well, Andrew and my mom too). I promised Kyra a “theater” dress, because you have to dress up when you go to the ballet. She wants something colorful, with hearts, flowers, diamonds, and who knows what else. If such a dress exists, leave it to the Marvelous Miss B to find it.


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5 responses to “It’s the first day!

  1. My opinions:

    I love Advent calendars.
    And snow!
    And colorful dresses, with hearts, flowers, diamonds and who knows what else on them — especially when worn by five-year-old girls!

    Skip Chuck E. Cheese.

    I’d be a good beta reader if this is coming up in late January.

  2. Ooh… I’d love to be a victim!

    And, can I just say … UGH… winter.


  3. Ooh… I’d love to be a victim!

    And, can I just say … UGH… winter.


  4. darcy

    Pick me! Pick me!

    I spent a chunk of Saturday night browsing the internet looking at K-sized dresses. I found a few that came close to her desires but was stymied. That’s a whole lot to ask for in one dress! Of course, I bow down before the impressive shopping powers of the Fabulous Miss B. You have GOT to show us what she picks, deal?

  5. Lovely picture! And advent calendars are so much fun. And you know I’d love to be a beta, too. 😉

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