The great fish project

So, the other day Bob calls me and says the words that strike fear in the hearts of women everywhere:

Craigslist + $25.00 + surprise

The back story on this is Kyra is learning about fish at school. At some point, Kyra convinced Bob that she needed fish. This also coincided nicely with the Imagination Fair coming up at school. And so, the great fish project was born. Oh, and that $25.00 and surprise? A very nice ten gallon hexagonal fish tank.

True, at first, Kyra thought she might like to do a project on bears (I think she had visions of me and her tramping through the woods and snapping pictures of them), but this is the only year Andrew and Kyra can do a project together. Next year, we’ll photograph bears in the wild. In February. Yeah. That’ll work.

We set up the tank last week and introduced our tester fish, a zebra-striped danios, to it. His name is Marty, either after Marty the Zebra in Madagascar or Marty McFly (you pick).

And because our system is so new, we can only introduce a fish a week (and even then, hope for the best). Today, Kyra picked out a day-glo star fire danios named Cookie. Let’s hope Cookie still swims (rather than sleeps) with the fishes tomorrow. In the meantime, pictures below the cut.


Andrew consults the fish compatibility chart


Kyra and the hermit crab


Our new star fire danios (that guy skulking in the background is Bob)


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7 responses to “The great fish project

  1. Jenn

    Andrew is looking very grown up these days. And I love Kyra’s grin, she’s adorable!
    I choose… Marty McFly. 🙂

  2. Kyra is such a peanut!

    Fish… hmm… good luck with that. I’ve always killed fish. Hopefully I’m not sending my vibe via email.

  3. They look so cute with their fish.

  4. The pictures are wonderful! BTW… I just finished Water for Elephants. I thought it was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

  5. darcy

    Cute, cute, cute! I like the fish and the skulker too. We did the fish thing for a few years with our kids too — and my dad got interested in aquariums when I was about Kyra’s age. He had a really nice set up until the day my mom decided to clean it for him — and replaced the water with cold tap water which she immediately dumped the fish back into. Oops.

    Lesson to be learned: Don’t Clean Anything!

  6. Oh, how darling! What a great project, too… although I’ll also admit to some interest in hearing about any future bear hunt!

  7. you know what… I have “going on a bear hunt” stuck in my head now….. off to town to hunt bears….

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