Daylight Wasting Time

I read once that the best way to cope with a time change (jetlag or whatever) was exercise. Sadly, I believe the writer of the article meant a nice walk in the sunshine, not aerobic weight training at o’dark thirty. I have one word for that:


Things we discovered this weekend:

Andrew can put together his own pinewood derby car. Okay, so we bought the kit with the pre-shaped car. Still, he did it all himself. I just wish the manufacturers would illustrate the box with a car made by an actual eleven year old and not a computer enhanced image by a master craftsman.

The library book we can’t find is called Uh-Oh, confirming that the irony never stops around here.

Andrew has the same exact shoe size as I do, but he won’t let me wear his new skateboarder shoes.

Chocolate pumpkin cupcakes are a big hit.

I found the recipe at Marianne’s. I had to use a bit of water, however. While she said her mixture had a mousse like consistency, mine was like excavated dirt. And I swear to you, I waited until they were completely cool to frost them. Nevertheless, something happened.

Andrew asked me why I spooned pudding all over the cupcakes. I told him it was frosting. He shrugged and said, “Well, it still tastes good.”

And we congratulated ourselves on such a healthy, beta-carotene filled treat.


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5 responses to “Daylight Wasting Time

  1. Andrew is very ungracious… doesn’t he know he should share?

    And… I used homemade pumpkin for my cupcakes, which tends to be more watery than the kind you buy, so that may explain the difference in texture. I’m glad you liked them! Even my DH, who hates pumpkin anything ate them and liked them. Of course, I didn’t tell him the ingredients 😉

    Good luck finding Uh-Oh. LOLOL…

  2. The reason there are no pictures of a pinewood derby car made by an 11-year-old boy is that Andrew might just be the first 11-year-old in many years who made his own. In our neck of the woods it really was a contest for Dads. ;-(

  3. That, by the way, was a compliment to Andrew, and to you and Bob for being good parents letting Andrew do his own project!

  4. I hear ya! I tagged you for the 6 word meme. Hope you can play.

  5. Lianne Lopes

    Hey there. What fun your household seems to be. 🙂 Thanks again for your comments on my blog. Been under the weather lately, but I’m trying to get back on track. Confession time: I was drawn to the title of your story because the idea of TPing George’s house is very appealing. LOL. No, I would never do such a thing to a star. The fun would not be worth the penalty. But George aside, I liked the way you wrapped up everything with the promise of maybe something to come with the two characters. You know, the “make up your own ending” kind of deal. It was very well done. 🙂 Anyway, have a great day.

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