Most explosive

So, Andrew’s car won “most explosive” last night at the “extreme” pinewood derby. One of the nice thing about Boy Scouts is the pinewood derby isn’t quite the ordeal that it was in Cub Scouts (special weigh-ins, lockdowns, etc.). And, if the dads want to participate, they build their own car. It’s pretty much anything goes. One boy decided a banana car would be just the thing (as in wheels on a real banana).

Anyway, during one of the races, the soda can Andrew was using as added weight (anything under two pounds is okay) exploded in a spray of pink tropical twister delight. The older boys made up the last minute category of most explosive, and a good time was had by all, especially Andrew, who looked extraordinarily pleased at being singled out.

In other news, earlier that day, he asked me if I’d every heard of an author who writes scary stories and whose last name is King.

Uh, run that name by me one more time. I’m not sure I recognize it.

So we talked about the prolific Mr. King. I said his stories were very scary and Andrew might want to wait a bit. Andrew likes the idea of being scared by stories more than actually being scared by them. So he’s intrigued. One of his friends is reading a Stephen King book. According to Andrew: “He’s on page four and scared already!”

This is also the friend Andrew and another friend are trying to help be a good student by brainwashing.

“How are you doing that?” I asked.

“We stand next to him and shout: ‘You are a good student!’ So far, it’s working!”

A boon to educators everywhere, no doubt.


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6 responses to “Most explosive

  1. LOL on the brainwashing!

    And, yeah… he might want to wait just a little while to tackle Mr. King.

  2. I wish I’d seen that explosion… sounds like Andrew belongs to a great troop. And what a great friend he is, too — love those brainwashing tactics!

  3. I never found King all that scary, lots of suspense, but not all that scary.

    Good on ’em for coming up with a prize.

    What are the restrictions on fathers’ cars where you are, because I know a guy who took advantage of the “open” category to rocket assist his car, using gravity to set it off.

  4. I love the troop’s approach to the Pinewood. Cool. And I think we should write up the brainwashing approach and send it to HGSE.

  5. Charity

    Terry, I’m not sure of all the rules, but I don’t think they would allow a rocket assist like that. The troop is so busy with all sorts of other things, that this pinewood derby is just for fun. For the cub scouts, though, it’s a big deal.

  6. Charity: I recall (I was a scout). In that troop/council, the adult derby was open.

    This guy added a small (1/2A) rocket to the car, used a battery for a nose weight, and put a piece of paper to block the contact.

    The paper was attached to the axle, as the car moved forward the paper was pulled out… 1/4 second of push and the car (at the back of the pack) was across the line.

    It was so worth seeing.

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