Why I’m glad I’m not commuting today


Kyra wants to know why winter is still here on the second day of spring. I say: blame basketball. When the tournaments are all over, then we’ll have spring.

Edited to add

A second reason:



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6 responses to “Why I’m glad I’m not commuting today

  1. So you haven’t explained to her yet the cruel difference between the calendar arrival of spring and the actual arrival of spring in Minnesota?

  2. It’s really pretty, though…

  3. UGH… seriously, I really feel for you. I’m doing the “come on spring” dance as we speak. Be glad you’re not hear watching… 😉

  4. ACK… Be glad you’re not HERE watching!! Where’s an editor when I need one???


  5. That’s what we’re getting right this moment – that same snow. Isn’t spring in the Midwest just… wonderful?

  6. Abby

    Oh Charity, I’m sorry…..that is so frustrating! At least Kyra is making the best of it and that you didn’t have to commute.

    Mom and I will think of you in 66 degree sunny California weather (ducks for cover) 😉

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