This is crazy

This is crazy. This is also our backyard, as seen from the deck. Today.

To quote Miss B: “When is spring coming?”

If you need me, I’ll be hibernating.



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6 responses to “This is crazy

  1. Amy

    We had snow last Saturday. Husband broke the bad news that a meteorologist is predicting that the Willamette Valley in Oregon won’t break 90 this summer (last year we had a week of 110+ in August)…we usually start hitting high 80s in July and rarely drop below 90 in August.

    So, I’m right there with ya!

  2. Ugh… your weather sucks WAY worse than mine. I’m really surprised. And sorry. And will try to stop complaining about being cold. At least I have sun.

    Poor Miss B and the rest of the family.

  3. Blech. That’s awful. It can’t last long, though. Can it?

  4. It’s 82 degrees here in the suburbs of D.C. I’m not gloating, though… have been doing yardwork all day. It’s amazing how, when you’re through, it looks like you did big fat nothing!

  5. darcy

    Ugh. I just heard at the grocery store that we might get snow on Monday. Can I hibernate with you?

  6. That is crazy. I just enjoyed a Campari and soda out on our balcony with D and enjoyed being in sandals…

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