I wasn’t going to ask

I wasn’t going to ask, really. I was studiously ignoring Miss B while she tromped through the house at the behest of her brother, returning outside with overly large cups of water. No, I told myself, I’ll just pretend I’m not seeing that. It’s what I do sometimes to keep my sanity.

Alas, curiosity got the better of (as it often does). I peeked outside to see what they were doing:

They were searching for worms, so they could catch a bird. This was about as successful as their attempt to catch a rabbit.


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4 responses to “I wasn’t going to ask

  1. At least the snow melted!

  2. So CUTE!

    They’re going to invent something really amazing someday, with that kind of ingenuity.

    Bet folks laughed at Edison, too 😀

  3. They are so cute! And always playing so well together!

  4. Charity

    Heh, Anno, most of the time, they do play well together. But, they have their moments, beleive me.

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