Snippets from our week

The batteries in the programmable thermostat finally gave out, after possibly a year of the message: Replace batteries soon! It’s the sort of thermostat you can pull off the wall, which I did only to hear a gasp behind me and Kyra saying: “Mommy! What have you done?”

Andrew made a terrific Pirate #4 in the sixth grade musical version of Treasure Island. They had four performances, two casts (the cast that doesn’t perform sings in the chorus), and a very busy week. Kyra has seen three of the four performances (the last one’s tonight). She keeps referring to Long John Silver as “Long Jeans.” When the chorus sings: “Eat, drink, and let’s be merry,” she sings her own version: “Eat, drink, and let’s get married.”

There’s a downside to tossing your manuscript in the air. When you’re done, you have to put it back in order again. Actually, it’s not that bad, but for continuity and sanity’s sake, I’m putting the pages in numeric order before I start keying in the changes. Would I do it again? Without question. It was a great exercise and a great way to edit.

I’ve published twenty books this week, some of them multiple times, some of the multiple times in the same day. I’m telling you, technical writer = nonstop fun.


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4 responses to “Snippets from our week

  1. I ❤ Kyra…

    Just saying.

  2. Amy

    Mommy, what have you done?


    And I love Kyra’s versions of the songs. I think they’re better that way.

  3. I love Kyra’s rewriting of the lyrics. Never a dull moment, eh?

  4. Kyra sounds like a natural born romance writer! Sorry to hear about all the manual production work this week — good luck getting them all out.

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