Random thoughts on invisible babies and Enchanted

So, despite claims that Miss B did not miss her brother this weekend (who was away on a Boy Scout campout on an island–how cool is that?), she invented several invisible siblings to keep her company.

Somehow, I birthed all these invisible babies this weekend, along with taking Miss B to ballet, vacuuming up all the dog hair (not as easy as it sounds), editing fifty pages of MacKenna, and so on. Can I multi-task or what?

We started out with Makayla, added Jake, then Rosie and Sarah. Miss B was the proud and busy big sister.

And you know what? Invisible babies are still a lot of work. And I kept sitting/stepping on them, too. (Mommy! No! That’s where Jake is!)

Then Andrew came home and the babies faded to the background. Kyra still denies missing her brother.

We also watched Enchanted this weekend. Okay, it’s probably just me, but I was underwhelmed. It got great reviews. Parts were cute/funny. I really enjoyed the Central Park dance number.

But. It seemed like that’s all it was: cute/funny parts that somehow didn’t make a satisfying whole. Plus, I felt Patrick Dempsey underplayed his part. McDreamy? More like McComatose.

But you know, Miss B, the born romantic, was also meh about it too. She didn’t understand the ending, and she has a fairly sophisticated sense of story for a five year old. I mean, she understood Roman Holiday and that Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn couldn’t be together. Oh, sure, she leaned against me and sobbed for a bit (told you she was a born romantic), but she understood.

Enchanted, not so much. And she didn’t seem to care, either. Again, I’m sure it’s a me/us thing, and we’ll be soundly beat about the head and shoulders for not liking it. Bring it on.


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6 responses to “Random thoughts on invisible babies and Enchanted

  1. Jenn

    I rented this for my niece (who is also 5) and I to watch recently. We felt pretty much the same as you about it, it was all right but nothing I want to watch again anytime soon.

  2. Oddly enough, I haven’t SEEN “Enchanted”…


    I don’t have much time to watch movies or TV anymore, so try to only watch the stuff I’ll truly love. I may find time eventually. But, like you, I’ve heard nothing but raves about it.

    Until now.

    Charity: dares to be different.


  3. Oh… for me the clean up scene in NYC was enough to make the whole movie. It may be funnier if you are a New Yorker…

    I wasn’t overwhelmed by the romance, but I liked the parodies on Disney.

  4. Amy

    I enjoyed “Enchanted,” but you really have to take it for what it is (personally, I never liked Gray’s Anatomy, so the whole McDreamy thing escapes me–really when I look at Patrick Dempsy, I see the kid from “Can’t Buy Me Love”–hard to overcome that). I never expected to take it too seriously. It’s a wonderful parody, and the scene with all the vermin cleaning up his apartment was rivaled only by the singing in the park scene. My husband dislikes musicals because of all the random singing. But even he laughed at that.

    And as a writer, from a structural standpoint, the mirroring was great.

  5. Amy

    LOL on the invisible babies. Miss B has an excellent imagination.

  6. Mary

    I loved Enchanted enough to buy it and the soundtrack. Like Jen, certain scenes made up for the rest of the movie. I thought Cyclops was a hoot as the prince, and the chipmunk was hilarious and I loved the music.

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