Editing brain

So, I did a Google search on editing brain (don’t you ever search on strange combinations of words just to see what comes up?). I found these gems:

Editing is a transparent art form.


Editing is very mechanical and technical, but at the same time, it’s very artistic and emotional.

The writer was talking about film editing, but I think it applies to writing. Right now, I have serious editing brain. It would be nice if I could think of other things besides my book. I could get back to (okay, start) writing scintillating blog posts. I could cook dinner without burning it. (Okay, I didn’t really burn dinner. But. We all know it could happen.)

And I could think of a clever way to wrap up this entry.

Nope. Isn’t happening.


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4 responses to “Editing brain

  1. OTOH, it’s great to be so absorbed in your book!

  2. Amy

    Until the edits are done, keep editing brain turned on. Isn’t it nice to get wrapped up in your book?

  3. LOL on the weird Google searches — even better, you get responses!

    Good luck editing. Ugh.

  4. Love this! Ya gotta love the Google combos you can come up with…even better, it’s nice to know there are others out there who suffer from “editing brain”!! hey…now THERE is something you can google!!!

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