Daily Archives: July 25, 2008

And then we took a nap

We’re done–done, I tell you–with the edit. I sent the manuscript to our editor (!!!) this morning, which means no editing this weekend. It might mean I’ll have a few spare words for the blog. Seriously, I didn’t want to accidentally use some words here that we might need in the manuscript. I was in word conservation mode.

So now we keep our fingers crossed, hold our breath, and all the rest. In the meantime, I have plenty of items on my “Big List of Things to Do before the Conference” list. The only thing marked off so far?

The first sale ribbon.

Sure, my conference wardrobe is half virtual at the moment (as in, I don’t physically possess half the items I plan to wear). Who needs a blouse when you have a first sale ribbon.

Priorities, people. It’s all about priorities.


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