Session break

So, I’m sitting in the bar of the Marriott, taking a session break. No, they’re not serving yet, so I’m not actually drinking anything, not even something hot and overpriced from Starbucks.

It’s still the place to be. Up until a few minutes ago, I was sitting across from Chris Keeslar, editor from Dorchester. Mind you, I wasn’t actually speaking to Chris Keeslar, editor from Dorchester. And no doubt there are other wildly famous people sitting all around me and I don’t even know it. That’s sort of how my life works. I will say that my little EeePC is one of the best conversation starters ever. Everyone wants to know what it is.

I was about to go into information overload, so I decided to take a break from non-stop sessions. I attended Trish Milburn and Julie Linker’s on writing YA that was very cool. It turns out that Darcy and I share an editor with the lovely Julie Linker and we chatted for a few minutes after the session.

I had the best pasta for dinner last night–see, I did get out of the hotel. And I found a tea lounge where I plan to splurge on either the classic English tea or a Russian tea. I can’t decide which as of yet. Opinions?

The kids are having a good time with my sister. Get this, she has some foam curlers and guess who had her hair put up in them so it would be curly in the morning. Yep, Miss B. Forget trolleys and Chinatown and the whole cultural experience. Foam rollers will be the highlight of her trip.


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5 responses to “Session break

  1. I lean toward the English tea, just because tea always seems so … English. But given your background in All Things Russian, that might be the better choice.

    Next year… NEXT year, dang it… I’m going.


  2. Thanks, Charity. I’m glad you liked the workshop.

  3. Abby

    You know, I never saw myself as the ‘cool aunt’ type. After all, I am a Kindergarten teacher who is nice, but a firm believer in routine and discipline.

    However, in our 3 short days together I have let the kids have 4 icees, numerous hotdogs, ice cream cones, chocolate, popcorn, and Mike and Ikes. Uncle Sean, my fellow enabler bought 2 bags of potato chips and last night, brought home a bag of twizzlers.

    As I type this, Andrew is sleeping in and Kyra is watching a glutteny of cartoons on the cartoon network-unsupervised.

    I also let the kids ride the SF trolley standing up on the outside of the vehicle. And I let them watch a PG-13 movie riddled with low-brow toilet humour.

    Oh, but we did eat fresh, steamed broccoli. Once.

    It’s been a blast! I’m so glad you and the kids are here! 🙂

  4. As a lover of all thing tea, I would go with the English tea myself. It sounds like you are getting a lot out of the sessions.

  5. darcy

    When are you coming ho-o-o-me? I miss you.

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