Getting here

Some people take the roundabout way of getting here. I don’t get search terms as much as search phrases. For instance:

we are losing the art of fine cooking

Oh, no, I’d say it’s already been lost, at least here, and for a very long time.

what can moms wear to jonas brothers concert

Anything that doesn’t embarrass your child.

my little pony and the jonas brothers

Seriously, people, if you’re looking for this, I don’t think I can help you.

swearing when writing for children

Yes. I find swearing helps when writing anything. Highly recommended.


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4 responses to “Getting here

  1. anything that doesn’t embarrass your children

    HA… for me? I go out of my way to embarrass my DD. 😉

  2. LOL, I loved this post.

    I get quite a few hits from people searching for Mary Lou Retten because of my post of meeting her more than a year ago. Weird.

  3. Oh, this gave me a much, much needed laugh. I think swearing helps when writing, too.

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