Writing practice ~ Write on Wednesday

From Becca’s Write on Wednesday:

How about you? Do you have a writing practice? What’s it like? How has it helped you become a better writer? If you’re thinking about starting a writing practice, how do you envision it? What would work for you?

Over on the Write on Wednesday site, Becca has a great summary of what writing practice is, along with author Natalie Goldberg’s take on it.

I do writing practice or morning pages or whatever you want to call it every morning. Like Becca I really need that first cup of coffee to get going. It goes pretty much like this:

  • Start the coffee
  • Open up my notebook
  • Write down the date and a few words
  • Zone out for a bit
  • Get coffee
  • Write

After that, I work out (after three cups of coffee, I’m beyond ready to work out). Over the years, I’ve experimented with the best time for writing practice/coffee/exercise. Starting back in November 2007, I finally hit upon the combination that works (at least for now).

Back in the day, as a young lieutenant, I used to laugh at the “old” warrant officers and sergeants who’d show up at first formation with a large cup of coffee. They’d say, “Just you wait, ma’am. Just you wait.”

These days, I so need that cup (or three) in the morning–both to write and exercise. And I hereby extend an apology to Chief Warrant Officers F. and M. along with Master Sergeant D. You guys were right.

A friend of mine called morning pages/practice “the best therapy money can’t buy.” Julia Cameron recommends them for all artists, not just writers. I think, initially, it’s hard to get past not writing something of significance.

These days, I happily litter my morning pages with Internet shorthand (I seem to LOL to myself a lot) and litanies about how tired I am (generally written before that second cup).

So, writing practice. Like the swearing (see yesterday’s post), it’s something I highly recommend.


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3 responses to “Writing practice ~ Write on Wednesday

  1. Coffee, writing, exercise, and curses… there’s a process that sounds familiar. (And for me, too many days when I go directly from coffee to curses!)

  2. Ah yes, where would any great mind be without that morning java jolt?

    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow morning as I’m sipping and writing 🙂

  3. I prefer tea. Anytime. So there I go sipping at it!

    Practising writing

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