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The education of Miss Kitty

Poor kitten Oreo.

First, it was the makeover. Word to the wise. Kittens don’t really like makeovers.

Actually, it started as lotion. Then Kyra realized lotion + kitten fur = mess. So, she put kitty in the sink and washed her.

No, I wasn’t idly standing by watching her do this. I walked in during the still-slightly-soaked, towel-drying stage. I explained to Kyra that kitties really didn’t like makeovers (or water) and she’d have to find another game to play with Oreo.

Now, kitty is going to school. She has homework every night. A couple of days ago, Kyra called to me to “come see what kitty learned.”

“What did kitty learn?” I asked.

Kyra gave a slight sigh, shook her head. “Not much.”

She had two pieces of paper on the floor, one that was filled with words, the other, scribbles.

“I don’t know what to do.” Again with the teacher-like head shake. “She just scribbles.”

I came home last night to find Kyra on the floor, doing kitty’s homework for her. Oreo was helping by batting the pen with her paw.

So, poor kitty is still pre-literate. I say “pre” because, clearly, she has an enthusiastic tutor.

Which is probably better than an enthusiastic makeup artist.


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