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You are the music in me

Your Taste in Music:

Eighties: Highest Influence

Adult Alternative: Highest Influence

Alternative Rock: High Influence

Nineties: High Influence

Punk: High Influence

Hat Tip to Marianne for the quiz.

I’ve always suspected that whenever someone refers to “adult alternative” they mean “lame alternative.” I mean, is there a difference? Maybe it’s just me. I also realize the 80s were a long time ago, and I should do something about that.

Like learn to play Guitar Hero and put that knowledge to good use. Actually, Andrew’s guitar teacher likes Guitar Hero. He says it has renewed interest not only in guitar playing in general, but in music written for the guitar. He’s spent the past couple of years explaining to his students that this or that pop song doesn’t have a guitar part–it’s all synthesizer.

He seemed quite happy that Andrew wanted to learn how to play Iron Man and the opening to Green Day’s Holiday. Yes, this would be the 21st century version of a classical music education. What? You don’t know Bohemian Rhapsody? You heathen.

As an aside, Andrew’s guitar teacher also has a soul patch–omigod, could-you-just-die?

So, in the spirit of all that, I give you The Ramones, another band Andrew knows (I’m so proud *sniff*). Those of you who don’t want to listen to that last entry on my list (that would be punk), don’t click play, k?

Wow. The music video. She has changed over the years. No cgi for us. No, in my day, we didn’t have special effects. We made everyone wear their crappy Halloween costumes and we filmed up hill, both ways. Kids these days …


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