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Merry & Bright!

And they’re awake!



The dog would like her bone; Andrew’s hair would like a comb.


Santa took some cookies and left a panda!


Because it wouldn’t be Christmas if the cat didn’t climb the tree


Ah, there we go. Much better.


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Shh … be very quiet

It’s 7:20 a.m. and everyone is still asleep. Well, except me. Clearly. I’m awake and live blogging Christmas. I’ve had my coffee, I’ve worked out (yes, I know. I’m crazy like that), and now I’m partaking in a fine, fine vintage of Gatorade.

The kids were ping-ponging off the walls yesterday, Kyra especially. So, you’d think they’d be awake and at their stockings already this morning. Nope. A few days a year it’s nice that neither of my kids is a morning person. I’m hoping to get my shower in before they wake up.

The dog is snoozing and the cat is watching the cursor and the letters appear on the screen as I type. It’s kind of like having someone read over your shoulder. There. She just went for the word “shoulder.” But she didn’t catch it.

So for now the house is quiet and I’m going to enjoy the Christmas tree lights while it’s still dark out and listen to the gurgle of the coffee maker.


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