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Raiders of the lost ARC and other book news

Look at what I have:


I’ve been sitting on these for a while (well, not literally, that would be uncomfortable). I wanted to surprise my mom with a copy, which meant pretty much not telling anyone else I had one (or rather, two). We don’t have enough to give out right now, but soon, I’m sure. We’ll get some more, launch our Geek Girl website, and give away some ARCs.

Oh, and our other big news? Our release date has been moved up to May 19th. So that whole Geek Girl website? Yeah. We know. We need to get it out there.

In January, I’m taking M.J. Rose’s Buzz Your Book class. I’m also participating in JaNo, which is sort of like NaNo (National Novel Writing Month), only it’s not in November, or national, plus you don’t need to write a complete novel, just aim for 50,000 words.

And yes, I will be working on Dating on the Dork Side. Told you I had dibs on that. Look for updates over at the JaNo site.


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