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New Year, new book

So, you can see my progress, or everyone’s progress over at JaNo if you’re so inclined. I won’t repeat my angstacular post about my fear of writing something new, which I haven’t done in about two years. (Oops, I guess I just did repeat. Oh. Well.)

I will share my collage, cuz I’m pretty psyched about it:


Seriously, forget writing, I should do this for a living

I realized something though. All three boys have nicknames. We have:

  • Ben “Rhino” Reinhold
  • Gavin “Mad Dawg” Madison
  • Jason “The Ab” Abernathy

I may have to rethink that. But one cool thing, I asked Darcy if I could resurrect one of her characters. She, very rightly, combined two, but of course, one character can’t have two names (unless they happen to be boys in the book I’m writing, then apparently, it’s open season on names). So I asked if I could use “Sophie Vega,” which is a name/character I’ve always loved.

Of course, the Sophie in the collage above looks like she could cut you with both her words and her sharp, sharp tiara. Then leave to you bleed behind the school.

And I leave you with this:

True, my best friend Rhino had breached the school’s firewall. I was pretty sure that was beyond the capabilities of anyone nicknamed The Ab.




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