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It’s got to be lucky …

To lose your first tooth on New Year’s Eve:



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The last day of the year

A miscellaneous catch-all post for the last day of the year.

Because–apparently–we don’t own any tables:


The artist at work

Andrew before the big JV invitational swim meet:

Maybe I can just tell them I ate some bad fish.

He was a little nervous.

Our discussion about me slipping on the ice:

Me: I thought I broke my arm for a moment.
Andrew: Did you cry?
Me: No.
Andrew: Then you didn’t break anything.

Conclusion? Tears: Better than an x-ray. Still, the score stands, ice = 1, my elbow = 0.

And Darcy has a post up a JaNo. Go read all about what a girl wants.


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Playlist at JaNo

I’m posting over at the JaNo blog today, a recap of how I came up with (sort of) Dating on the Dork Side and the all important playlist that goes along with writing a new work in progress. Because, seriously, how do you write a new book if you haven’t made the playlist for it.


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Raiders of the lost ARC and other book news

Look at what I have:


I’ve been sitting on these for a while (well, not literally, that would be uncomfortable). I wanted to surprise my mom with a copy, which meant pretty much not telling anyone else I had one (or rather, two). We don’t have enough to give out right now, but soon, I’m sure. We’ll get some more, launch our Geek Girl website, and give away some ARCs.

Oh, and our other big news? Our release date has been moved up to May 19th. So that whole Geek Girl website? Yeah. We know. We need to get it out there.

In January, I’m taking M.J. Rose’s Buzz Your Book class. I’m also participating in JaNo, which is sort of like NaNo (National Novel Writing Month), only it’s not in November, or national, plus you don’t need to write a complete novel, just aim for 50,000 words.

And yes, I will be working on Dating on the Dork Side. Told you I had dibs on that. Look for updates over at the JaNo site.


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Merry & Bright!

And they’re awake!



The dog would like her bone; Andrew’s hair would like a comb.


Santa took some cookies and left a panda!


Because it wouldn’t be Christmas if the cat didn’t climb the tree


Ah, there we go. Much better.


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Shh … be very quiet

It’s 7:20 a.m. and everyone is still asleep. Well, except me. Clearly. I’m awake and live blogging Christmas. I’ve had my coffee, I’ve worked out (yes, I know. I’m crazy like that), and now I’m partaking in a fine, fine vintage of Gatorade.

The kids were ping-ponging off the walls yesterday, Kyra especially. So, you’d think they’d be awake and at their stockings already this morning. Nope. A few days a year it’s nice that neither of my kids is a morning person. I’m hoping to get my shower in before they wake up.

The dog is snoozing and the cat is watching the cursor and the letters appear on the screen as I type. It’s kind of like having someone read over your shoulder. There. She just went for the word “shoulder.” But she didn’t catch it.

So for now the house is quiet and I’m going to enjoy the Christmas tree lights while it’s still dark out and listen to the gurgle of the coffee maker.


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Happy Holidays

Hoping your holiday is as joyful and crazy as ours is.



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More let it snow!

But not the cozy, reading the anthology by John Green Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. No, this let it snow:


It got a little wild out there yesterday. Speaking of which:


Those are oak leaves. I’m not exactly sure where they came from. It wasn’t just the kids kicking up some random leaf pile from the woods at the side of our yard. (This is where we put our leaves. I don’t know what other people do with their leaves.)  Anyway, while I was driving around yesterday (because I’m crazy like that), I ran into other random oak leaf explosions. It was weird.

A few moments later, they were both tapping at the back deck door, all big eyes behind all that snow.

“We heard a dog bark,” Andrew said.

Yeah. That’s scary. But I guess with all the wind and leaves, it was a little freaky. So they came in and played with PlayDoh and Kyra invented a country called Unicorn Sisters, where only girls live.


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This might be why we’re writing partners

This is what I got Darcy for Christmas:


Not to be outdone, Darcy also sent me a Christmas present. It arrived yesterday (and yes, I opened it right away). You can have the thrill of opening it too:

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It’s been a week

One filled with snowy slow commutes, arriving home at eight at night (or later), eating dinner at eight at night or later. Swim meets, bizarre trips to Jo-Ann fabrics to obtain last minute supplies for Family and Consumer Science class (yes, this is what they call Home Ec. these days).

And so on. Our week can best be summed up by Miss B:

On fighting with her brother:

Andrew knows I have a tender heart. That’s why I had to bite him.

On her ability to see in the dark:

I’m a good looker. I can see in black pitch.

Is it winter break yet?


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