Thank you very much, Mr. Earworm

I don’t know where Andrew picked up on this insidious bit of 80s music. He’s been singing: “Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto” for a week now, over and over again. So I finally asked, “Have you heard the entire song?”

He hadn’t.

YouTube to the rescue! But first, a little background. From Wikipedia:

The song tells part of the fictitious story of Robert Orin Charles Kilroy (ROCK), in the rock opera Kilroy Was Here. The song is performed by Kilroy (as played by keyboardist Dennis DeYoung), a rock and roll performer who was placed in a futuristic prison for “rock and roll misfits” by the anti-rock-and-roll group the Majority for Musical Morality (MMM) and its founder Dr. Everett Righteous (played by guitarist James Young).

The Roboto is a model robot which does menial jobs in the prison. Kilroy escapes the prison by overtaking a Roboto prison guard and hiding inside the emptied-out metal shell. When Jonathan Chance finally meets Kilroy, at the very end of the song, Kilroy says,I am Kilroy! Kilroy! ending the song.

Aren’t you glad you asked? Okay, I realize you hadn’t. Enough, then. I’ll leave you with the musical stylings of Styx:


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3 responses to “Thank you very much, Mr. Earworm

  1. Should I be embarrassed that I’ve seen the entire Kilroy movie?

    Nah… Especially since I own the album. On vinyl.


  2. Styx… bringing back nightmares of the 80s… or maybe even 70s? Yikes.

  3. Amy

    My kids LOVE that song. Of course, you haven’t really lived until your children belt out, “Fat Bottomed Girls” at the top of their lungs.

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