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Mario Kart Love!

Over on The Geek Girl’s Guide, we have Sam Hart, songwriter and singer of the made-of-awesome Mario Kart Love Song.

Even more awesome? We’re giving away ten (yes, 10!) iTunes downloads of the song. But … you have to visit us over at Geek Girl for your chance to win.

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Guitar Hero


Yes, that’s an electric guitar.

Yes, my life may never be the same.

But, yes, Andrew paid for half with his own money.

Now, if he can only learn something beyond Iron Man, Sunshine of Your Love, and (of course) Smoke on the Water.

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Corralling cats and words

Yes, it’s a commercial, but it’s still pretty funny (and kid safe–my kids loved it). It occurs to me that everyone else has already seen this except for me, since I don’t watch television.

In any case, enjoy!

 And by popular (?) demand, I’ll post that 490-word sentence, but below the cut. Click through if you’re curious/bored. And yes, it’s one big fat paragraph because, after all, it’s one big fat sentence. It also features Dating on the Dork Side characters.

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Remember when I wrote that really long sentence?

Remember when I wrote that 106-word sentence? I wrote another one! Even longer! This week, as part of the class I’m taking (called masterful sentences, oddly enough) we mimicked Hemingway and his +400 word sentence, which you can see here. (Scroll down to #3. I’m not going to post it here-dude, that’s longer than most of my blog entries.).

So part of the assignment was to write a 400 – 500 word sentence-and have it make sense. I did the first part at least. I wrote a 490-word monstrosity.

In the process, I think I broke Microsoft Word.


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Walk for Animals

walk1 Yes, we’ve been busy with projects here at Chez Tahmaseb. We’ve been bagging and baking, and now walking.

Well, actually, Andrew has been doing most of these things.

For thirty five years, our local Animal Humane Society has sponsored the Walk for Animals. Since we adopted Oreo from there last September, Andrew thought this would be a neat way to give back.

Behold! Gratuitous cat photos!

treecat1 oreo3

 Ahem. Anyway, Andrew’s goal is to raise $500.00. If you’d like to help, click the link below.

Andrew’s donation page at Walk for Animals. (Click the Support Andrew button on the page.)

And thanks!

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The Geek Boys take over

The Geek Boys are taking over The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading site this week.

Actually, it’s Darcy, who’s channeling Todd & Brian–and brilliantly, I might add. Stop by for a week’s worth of all things geek-boy.

(Seriously. You should see what Todd did to our header.)

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Great Harvest = Great Time

Today, Andrew and I volunteered as part of the “Baker of the Day” program at Great Harvest Bread Company. A great, if exhausting, time was had by all. We worked the ten to one shift, which gave us a lot to do. Next time, I think we’ll pick an earlier shift so we can help more with the mixing and baking (I’m not really into counter work).


Wow. Attitude boy.

The rest of the pictures after the cut.

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Invisible friends

The other evening, I was booting down the computer when Kyra said, “Goodnight, Darcy!”

I said, “You know Darcy doesn’t really live in my computer, right?”

Kyra didn’t answer.


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Gaiman + Colbert = for the win

Of course WordPress won’t let me embed this, so you get a funky, monochromatic advertisement for The Colbert Report. Click through to see Neil Gaiman.

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Neil Gaiman
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Mark Sanford

In other Friday video news, head on over to The Geek Girl’s Guide for some icy cheertastic fun.

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Writing wrong yet again

So I’m taking this writing class called Masterful Sentences which is about … wait for it … sentence structure. Yeah, you didn’t see that coming.

Anyway, as part of this week’s assignment, I have a choice between “offering corrections to phrase and clauses wherever you see you can improve it” on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens or diagramming several sentences from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce.

That’s sort of like the choice between a chocolate chip cookie and chewing on some crushed glass.

Personally, I don’t think Dickens needs “improving,” and I gave Joyce the old college try. Then I ran back to Dickens, asked for forgiveness, and was extremely proud of myself that I didn’t substitute “Dude, check it!” for “Mind!” in the second paragraph of the story.

Geek Girl Update

While Darcy slipped off the front page, you can see a few excerpts from her interview over at Geek Girl’s Guide.


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