Spies like us

The kids, at long last, have invented a game they both enjoy. For a while, every time they played stuff animals together, epic battles ensued. Andrew wanted conflict, villains, pummeling! And it’s not that Kyra’s scenarios lacked conflict, it’s just more on an interpersonal (or inter-stuffed animal, I guess) level.

The girl-drama bored Andrew; the pummeling frustrated Kyra.

 So now they play spies. How they hit upon this, I’m not sure, but every night (right around bedtime, of course) the spy missions start.

I’m generally their object of spying. Their mission is to get by me, around me, hide from me. How good are they at this?

Not very.

Andrew gets frustrated with Kyra’s lack of subtlety, but this is the boy who thinks if he situates his slippers so they stick out from beneath a lumpy blanket, I’ll think he’s under the blanket.

So, in other words, Pot, Kettle, I’d like you two to meet. You have something in common.

In Geek Girl News, we have a new feature up on the Geek Girl website called You Don’t Have to Wait, where we feature teens who are going after their dreams. And if you know a teen who is pursuing a goal or going after a dream, let us know. We’d love to feature them.

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