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Things I’m doing on this rainy Sunday (in no particular order)

  1. Updating the Geek Girl site.
  2. Creating the promotion spreadsheet of doom. I didn’t actually name the file that, but I’m thinking of changing it.
  3. Scanning pictures of my (possibly illegal) trip into East Germany back in the day. Geek girl’s guide to the Eastern Bloc anyone? Anyone?
  4. Convincing Andrew to be a sport and let his sister be president of the glass animals. Apparently all voting takes place when she isn’t in the room.
  5. Writing trying to write avoiding the press release.
  6. Thinking about the Tuscan Trifle Tiramisu gelato in the freezer. It’s made in Italy, so you know it’s got to be good. And it was totally on sale yesterday.


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Walk for Animals–the final countdown

walk1 Next Saturday is the Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals. I’ve been checking (somewhat compulsively) the extended forecast. Right now, next Saturday is sandwiched between to rainy days. Let’s hope for sun! Especially since I’m going to be walking with him.

For thirty five years, our local Animal Humane Society has sponsored the Walk for Animals. Since we adopted Oreo from there last September, Andrew thought this would be a neat way to give back.

Andrew’s goal is to raise $500.00. If you’d like to help, click the link below.

Andrew’s donation page at Walk for Animals. (Click the Support Andrew button on the page.)

And thanks!

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Or would you rather be a (cat)fish?

Last night, Miss B commandeered my camera and went on a photo safari. Below are a few that she took. Be glad I’m sparing you the blurry one of my running shoes.


A few days ago, she decided our tank needed another fish. So she made one out of paper and taped it to the glass. I mean, buying another fish. How mundane.


We have a mirror in the back of the tank, which is how she got this shot. That’s her big, pink fish floating above her head there. Her homemade “catfish,” as she calls it, is down below.


This is one of many cat photos she took last night. One of many. Trust me on this.

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Reason #278 that I didn’t write today


Seriously. You expect me to interrupt that?

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Even more giveaways!

Over at the 2009 Debutantes, we’re giving away a bag of awesome. But hurry, this contest is a short one (ends tonight). And while you’re there, check out all the great 2009 debut middle grade and young adult authors.

Find Out What's In The Bag And Win It Today

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Win Heartbreak River

heartbreakriverOver on the Geek Girl’s Guide this week, we’re giving away an autographed copy of Heartbreak River by Tricia Mills. It’s her debut YA novel.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog entry. That’s it. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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Reviews you can use

Em of Em’s Bookshelf posted a terrific review of The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading. You can read the whole review over on her blog, but I love the way she closes it:

All in all, this book does a great job of breaking down stereotypes and social groups. In the end, you’ll find yourself asking, what’s not to like about a geek girl cheerleader?

I’m beyond pleased with this review (our first! our first!). I saw it last night right before I went to shut down the computer and go to bed. I was so keyed up, I want to say I didn’t sleep. But I did. The only reason I know this is I woke from crazy dreams all night long.

Usually me + sleep = rock.

Be sure to stop by Em’s blog. She has a bunch of great reviews up.

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And the beat goes on

Like mother, like daughter:


Well, almost:


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Yeah … yeah, I’ll work on my smile

I watched this a few months ago, and amazingly, it’s actually become more hysterical with time. I’m laughing. I’m crying. And yeah, I’m going to work on my smile.

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Raiders of the Last ARC

This week over at the Geek Girl’s Guide, we’re giving away the very last ARC of The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading, signed by both of us–sure to be a collector’s item, an one-of-a-kind.

As part of the fun, we’re also launching our What Kind of Geek Are You quiz, based on the characters in the book.

Now, you don’t have to be a teen to:

  • Visit the Geek Girl site
  • Enter the contest
  • Help us spread the word.

Remember, part of “young adult” is adult. It’s a short list of people we don’t want reading our book. Like Stalin. Yeah, him. I think it’s safe to say we don’t want Stalin reading our book.

And at this point in the game, we’re really only looking at awareness, rather than promotion or marketing. How do you know you want to read a book if you’ve never heard of it.

And hey, over here at Writing Wrongs, you get a sneak peek at the results, too. Below is my result. Big surprise, no?

Your result for The What Kind of Geek Are You Test…


You know the difference between a period, a comma, a colon and a semi-colon. You are on a first name basis with all of the characters in Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter and probably the Twilight books too. No one doubts your supremacy in English class, but your ability to diagram relationships or punctuate a social life can be … well, meh. Get your nose out of those books occasionally. Real life can have happy endings too.

See the other results here.

Take The What Kind of Geek Are You Test
at HelloQuizzy

Note of warning: The quiz host site may ask you for demographic information. You do NOT need to provide this to get your result or the code for posting the quiz on your own blog. In fact, I recommend you skip over it.

Now, what are you waiting for? Come on, you know you want to.


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